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"SISTERING is a laugh-aloud, cry-aloud, stark-naked love letter to the magic of knowing and being known-- to the sisterhood of art and holiness-- and it is couched in a very fun ride."

Ginnifer Goodwin,

sister and actress

"Like a timeless  ballad sung in perfect two-part harmony, SISTERING is an absolute delight, and unlike anything I think I’ve ever read.  It has all of the  warmth and momentum of a great love story and at the same time raises searching, serious questions about love itself -- raises them, though, in the context of a richly and sometimes hilariously narrated family history. More, please?"

Carol Lee Flinders, PhD,

author of Enduring Grace: Living Portrait of Seven Women Mystics and At the Root of This Longing: Reconciling a Spiritual Hunger and a Feminist Thirst 

"I don't know how my life would be different if I never had my sister, but I do know that the steadiness in how I stand in the world is in large part because she exists."

excerpt from SISTERING

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About the Sisters

Jessica Dickey writes for the theater and television and film. She divides her time between Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and the south of France.

Danielle Neff is a United Church of Christ pastor. She lives and works in Pennsylvania with her husband, Alan, and their three children, Sam, Liam, and Grace.

With honesty, laughter, adoration, and a few choice swear words, author-sisters Danielle Neff & Jessica Dickey look together at their lives and the love that makes it all worthwhile.

Content Warning: Please know this book contains references and adult language around sexual assault, divorce, spiritual inquiry, grief and loss. 

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