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Jessie & Dani have been sistering since 1981

Jessie is a playwright. Dani is a preacher. Both write to enliven the spiritual heart of their audience (but one of them uses a lot more cuss words).  



Dani is not above drinking Coke before 9am, Jessie is physically incapable of not finishing
an open bag of Jelly Bellies.

Jessie went to Boston University and Goddard, Dani went to American University and University of Chicago and Chicago Theological Seminary.

Secret Genius

Jessie remembers people's birthdays and can do a headstand, Dani bakes incredible cakes and can accurately recite most popsongs from 1999-2008.


Dani hates the sound of nail clippers, Jessie hates the taste of licorice.


Jessie loves wine and yoga, Dani loves McDonalds fountain coke and historical fiction books. 

Indulgent Purchase

Jessie buys expensive skin care, Dani buys the same item of clothing in all six available colors.

Dirty Pleasures

Dani loves TikTok make-up tutorials, Jessie loves getting massages.

Items Always Found in their Purse

Jessie-- a journal and pen, lip balm and a collapsible tote; Dani-- hand sanitizer, children's snacks, and a surprising amount of over the counter pharmaceuticals (tylenol, acid reducer, allergy meds).

Dream Sister Date

Dani: Some kind of woodsy, airy AirBNB with a fridge stocked with stinky cheese and crusty bread and salad. Indian food for dinner. A long walk. A season of Game of Thrones. And a full night's sleep. Times 8.

Jessie: Going on a long walk in the Scottish highlands, finishing in a cozy cottage that has perfect wifi, eating a huge pizza and salad while binging a great TV show. 

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