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"Sistering is an
absolute delight, unlike anything I think I’ve ever read.  More, please?"

Carol Lee Flinders, PhD

"Sistering is a
laugh-aloud, cry-aloud,
stark-naked love letter to the magic of knowing and
being known."

Ginnifer Goodwin,

sister and actress

these writers have
beautifully captured
us all."

Griffin Matthews, actor

"We absolutely inhaled this book!" 

Ashley Williams & Kimberly

Williams-Paisley, actors

Two sisters-- one a playwright, one a preacher-- excavate their evolving bond. Swinging between irreverent humor and achy tenderness, Sistering: The Art of Holding Close and Letting Go is for anyone who has been lucky enough to find their number one fan, and for those still searching.

MAY 15!

Content Warning: Please know this book contains references and adult language around sexual assault, divorce, spiritual inquiry, grief and loss. 

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About the Sisters

Jessica Dickey writes for the theater and television and film. She divides her time between Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and the south of France.

Danielle Neff is a United Church of Christ pastor. She lives and works in Pennsylvania with her husband, Alan, and their three children, Sam, Liam, and Grace.

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